Chimerical The word “Chimerical” alludes to unreal, imaginary, dreamlike, notional concepts or mental pictures.

A peculiar observation happened to me one evening.  I was walking home and I was aware of my shadow ahead and to the right of me, and when I stopped to look back before crossing the street I discovered, to my amazement, two more of me shadowed on the road. One was darker than the other and they had been following me all the way home.  It was dark and the illumination and shadows were caused by streetlights.  I still find this eerie.

Strange: – what is the substance of a shadow?  Does it survive on its own?  It looked very life-like and active when I spotted it.  Who’s in it?  Where are shadows going?  Are they different energy profiles of me?

Where do shadows disappear to when I don’t see them; where do they hide…..

back inside???

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