“Dream Designs”

Twelve hours sleep in 96 while obsessing over building a website for myself in between blogging and bitching.  I thought a push of a few buttons would do it but I ended up having mine pushed instead.  I’m IV’d into tech support and swimming through a gruel of geek-speak.  By the finish line I will feel as if I’ve run and won a marathon.  Off to sleep now – dreams await my viewing.  More work tomorrow getting them into my journal.

Over time I have collected  new ways of looking at dreams by reading books (Jill Mellick) and articles, and listening to others. Re-design and re-assign your dreams using these techniques:

Record dreams in black leaving large spaces between the lines.  Later add new possibilities using pink or turquoise or ?

Use construction paper to cut out shapes and write about your dreams on them.

Write your dreams in a spiral, a circle, a square, a triangle.

Write out sections of dreams on different pieces of paper and move them around on a blank sheet changing their order (this appeals to me because of the collaging aspect).

Rewrite a dream using ‘always’ and again using ‘never’ wherever you can to try it in its opposite form.

Most people don’t look into their dreams or intuition, but these inner gifts are part of what makes each person unique.  Dream exercises are a fine way to practice creative writing and play with words.

You are wished new discoveries…zzzZZZZZZZ

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