Dollikins – Follykins

Follly - nickname of costly building (The Pocket Oxford Dictionary 4th Ed.)

Uneeda Doll Company Inc. made the Dollikin dolls from 1958-1970’s.  Dollikin’s began as 19-20″ fashion dolls – the world’s most posable doll.  Marked UNEEDA 2S(sometimes mis-read as Uneeda 25 or Uneeda 28), they had rooted hair in various colors and several styles, sleep eyes and most amazing – 16 joints to pose her, just like a human (well a young one at least).  The doll had a wardrobe as usual, that resembled the current fashions.

Note; There are Uneeda 2S marked dolls that used the same dollikin heads, but do not have the 16 multi-joints, just (6) the neck, shoulder, waist and hip joints. These dolls are “dollikin like”, high heel fashion dolls, but do not command a price anywhere near that of the true multi-jointed Dollikin dolls.  Excerpt from

Uneeda used the same head mold, marked “Uneeda 2s”, on their non-articulated, 18″ fashion dolls as well. A number of hair colors and styles and face paint that were not available on the 20″ Dollikin body can be found on the fashion dolls bearing the same head molds. It is not known what years or for how long these straight-legged, hard plastic fashion dolls were produced.  Source: Wikipedia


“Women as objects are compared to the false perfect.  Oh, the pain this viewpoint causes! Cracked, stitched, illusory:  selling parts…”

“Painted dolls attempt to symbolize the perfect female.  The material that makes the head of a doll is used as a method of classification.”

“The magazine images are formed much like a doll with the models faces perfected by Photoshop.  The art director mounts the models on a stand or they are set in whatever position or contortion the stylist selects dictating the image…”

“To be beautiful on the outside leaves us wondering about the inside…”

Copyright © Nicole Rigets  Taken from the Series “Eat the Whole Bag”

What are we worth; what parts are we missing?

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