“Dead Loved Red”

Dead Loved Red (after e.e. Cummings)

Diana Vreeland’s


Who used to

love to wear cashmere and silk

in Bazaar;

and could break onetwothreefourfivenails just like that.


She was a New Yorker

and what I

want to know is:

who will red fashion her rooms

Mr. Death?

Copyright © 2005 Nicole Rigets

Diana Vreeland  1906 – 1989  Former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine

In the days of Veruschka, Vreeland was the force behind shooting models in exotic locations throughout the 1960’s.

‘Vreeland vision’ popularized certain attitudes, objects, and ideas.

“Why don’t you………”, she would often ‘press’.

Vreeland was one of a kind:  100% Vreeland.

Quote: “People who eat white bread have no dreams.”

She never held-back!

Copyright © 2009 Nicole Rigets

Day to Day Experience is the Music of Life

Every day experience helps tell your story.

You can say it or write it.

You can sing it or paint it.

Your story can be, at best,an autobiography,

a chronicle, a poem,

and at worst,

merely the inscription on your gravestone.

Copyright © 2005 Nicole Rigets

Warning: Don’t be caught dead holding back!

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