Sleepless Blogger’s Secret

Standing over the kitchen sink, giving the 3-day build-up of dishes a nice warm bubble bath…hey! they deserve it for being so patient, I contemplated the inner question:     “What is coming over me??”

I have had negative amounts of sleep since I began blogging for the first time 14 days ago. Up until 5 a.m., down, and up again at 8:30 a.m.  Precisely 3 1/2 hours of sleep a night. My friends and family are somewhat speechless as they observe the shock of my new behaviour.

My journal and fountain pen lay gathering dust, emitting little whimpers as I go by, hoping I’ll stop and throw them a few crumbs.  Well everyone, tighten your belt! Feeding my blog comes before emancipated faces and howls of hunger begging for a bowl of rice.

A very egotistical thought crossed my mind.

It was the answer to the question I had asked myself:  I am fiercely blogging to become: “THE OPRAH OF BLOGGERS”

Sleep deprived and illusionary:  it can’t be far from here to madness.

In ‘The Experiences of an Asylum Doctor’ (1921), Montagu Lomax writes: “The mental state of the madman, indeed, may be described as a walking and disordered dream.” Obviously Lomax was referring to blogging.

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