“In Pluto’s Cave”

“In Pluto’s Cave”

I couldn’t stand the feel of the passage of my life.

I must be feeling the sorrows of the human engine running

and failing.

Never the chance to just be –

always something attached to that,

be kkkind

be wise,

be nice,

don’t just be!

Be attractive, be this way or that,

be smart,

be attentive,

be happy (are u kidding),

be quiet!

be good.

They never say –

be passionate,

be a bitch,

be scary,

be powerful,

be rich.

Be aloof,

be gorgeous,

be superficial,

be alert,

be alive,

be driven.


Copyright  ©  Nicole Rigets

Excerpt taken from My Journal:

February 27th, 2003.

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