World’s Best!

I was reading The World of Interiors and the article on the artist, Francis Bacon, showed pictures of the turmoil and dumping ground of his studio.


God! He uses a shovel to move through this roomscape. Someone said that after 4 years the dust build-up doesn’t change.


Gee I’m glad to hear that.  I feel better now.  I have only 3 years and 6 months to go before a stable blanket of dust alters the apperance of my studio:  the effect could be quite surreal.


I mis-spelled studio as I typed the above and a word hit the screen spelled: stufio.


I like it! Yes I adopt this new word as my own.  All my stuff-fio moves in a never-ending outflow of abnormal accumulation from one end of our closet challenged interior to the other.


My daughter has come up with a phrase she coined, “Shit-shifter,” and according to her I am the world’s best!

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