Are You In-Or-Out…of Style, Silly

Beauty and Fashion Itch for Each Other…and when a magazine like In-Style publishes tips on these subjects my antennae reach to great lengths to pick up pen and paper and immortalize them in my journal.  It was by pure chance that these morsels found their way into my pages of providence.  I had swiftly grabbed a dog-earred copy of In-Style from the give-away shelf next to the recycling containers on my travels one morning.

I won’t keep you holding your breath:  these ideas were submitted by young stars and appropriated by Moi.  This is my little gift to you just in time for the Holidays.

  • Keep a spoon in the fridge to put on your eyes for five minutes before “dressing” them.
  • A little black lace is all that’s needed to add a special touch to an outfit.
  • My Choice:  shu uemura “Premium Black Gown” False Eyelashes.  These are made with black lace to cast mysterious shadows on the eye.
  • Use shimmer to put a little sparkle above your tear ducts so your eyes will shine and appear larger.
  • Line the inside rim of your eyes with white pencil to make them look bigger.
  • Use brown mascara for a younger look.

To quote Parker Posy: “Black eyeliner says you’ve been through stuff:  you know things.”

  • Jackets make jeans and t-shirts look decent.
  • My Choice: “Weird Jacket Science” (term used by Suzy Gershman in “The Born to Shop Lady’s Secrets for Building a Wardrobe”). This means rummaging at sales and thrift shops to track down the most outrageous jackets ever made in retail history. When paired with a plain top and jeans these ‘dark dogs’ bark out, “Audacious, Assured, Nervy Woman.”
  • Carry layers of necklaces in your purse so you can throw them on in the evening.
  • Combine different materials in your accessories.   ©”Gravity Collage” Wearable Sculptures – available from Nicole Rigets
"The Tuscany"
"The Attic"
  • Don’t throw anything out (I love this one).  Buy some sparkle at an arts and crafts store and turn an old shoe into the talk of the town.
  • Big bust?  Never wear crew neck t-shirts.
  • Men’s white shirts can be worn loose or belted.  My Choice:  leave the sleeves long and let the cuff flow low across the back of your hand Beau Brummell style.
  • Clip-in hair extensions take 3 minutes to attach and they don’t damage your hair. I watched two demos on You Tube and I liked a straight look, slightly layered, best.
  • Top Stick Boob Tape – Go Sheer with Confidence.  BTW you can always wear a weird jacket over this.
  • Wear ‘Pasties’ under a dress instead of a bra.
  • And remember it takes a 3-inch heel to help you walk with purpose, presence, and elegance!
  • My Choice:  Cut-out Bootie by Bettye Muller in black suede with a 3″ heel.  Cut out detail at vamp.  Elasticized gore.  Side zip.  Leather Sole.  Made in Italy.

  • While out shopping why don’t you pick up some paperwhites and enjoy their bright white flowers and exclusive fragrance.

Copyright © 2009 Nicole Rigets

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    1. Thank you Veronika… 🙂 I Love creating these sculptural Bracelets… sometimes I choose to wear more than one at at time from my Collection, because they sound, and feel so good.

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