Frogs, Ribbons, and Laces – A Christmas Twist!

December is now glowing with goodwill and ornamentation, colored lights and laughter.

The Christmas holidays offer a time to twist tradition and venture into new avenues.

The 20 Days of Christmas have arrived and I wish for you the gift of inspiration.

Here is my list of 20 ways I want to bring joy, color, and beauty into my life throughout this magnificent season and I’d like to share it with you:

  • Gardenia Scented Powder

Place fresh gardenias into a pint container and add organic cornstarch to fill.  Shake 3 or 4 times daily.  Replace the flowers every other day until the powder reaches the scent you desire.  Use after a bath to smooth and perfume the skin.

  • Somewhere I read an old china cabinet can be used as a dollhouse.  Wouldn’t this make a fabulous focal point in a young girl’s room!
  • Read Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge’s Book:  poemcrazy and take the time to go on a ‘Poem Walk’.
  • Try Alexandra Stoddard’s interior design tip:  mix 7 different colors of towels in your bathroom.  My choice:  nomad grey, black, soft white, mint green, raspberry, lemon, and leaf green.
  • Make a donation to PADS – Pacific Assistance Dogs.  PADS raises and trains service, hearing, and facility/therapy dogs for persons who are facing the daily challenges of life with a physical disability.  Visit  them online at:   You’ll find lots of ideas to help you give someone you love the perfect “something” while giving a gift of independence at the same time.
  • Start the 1st page of your Journal and if you don’t have a journal yet ask ‘Santa’ to bring you one.  My choice: Clairefontaine – Made in France, the satiny pages are a dream to write on, and they are available in many stationary stores.  Visit them online at and check out the fantastic covers and colors to choose from.
  • Kiss your husband and call him a ‘Frog’.
  • Read Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, and start doing your “Morning Pages”. This daily exercise provides a powerful habit for personal growth.
  • Weave ribbons and laces into a table runner or a wall-hanging.
  • Walk up a steep hill backwards (Chinese good therapy).
  • Purchase a harmonica and play music to your plants.
  • Pick up small sticks from the seashore and color them with pencil crayons.  Cut words from magazines and glue a word or message on the back of each stick.  I call these “Seasticks” and serve them on a saucer beside a cup of tea.
  • Take a pottery class and make beads and tiny dishes to hold them.
  • Play Greek Music and accompany it with a glass of Ouzo.  Dance like Zorba.
  • Mumble to large sweet blackberrries.
  • Read, Mauve; How One Man Invented a Color that Changed the World, by Simon Garfield.  This man’s success was in finding how to make color from coal. Search for the good in your failures and think of the times you’ve made color from coal.
  • Play at what you do from now to Christmas Day.
  • Make every day precious and worthwhile by using your unique gifts and aesthetic. Eric Booth explains how to do this in his book, The Everyday Work of Art.
  • Splurge on the weekend edition of the New York Times newspaper and spread it out all over the livingroom.  Add coffee, music, toasted bagels with butter, cream cheese and jam, your pet, a wooly cardigan and socks, and voila!  Over doing would be to light the fireplace…but, it has been done.
  • If all else fails please join me in knitting a pair of false eyelashes for New Year’s Eve.

Copyright © 2009 Nicole Rigets

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