Art – “10 Easy Ways to Create Dramatic Graphic Effects”

"Turning Out"

Dramatic Graphic Effects resulting from using white wax crayon as a resist under black tempera paint.

  • Use an eyedropper to drop acrylic gloss medium into wet watercolor for starry amoebic shapes.
  • Acrylic paint can be applied with crumpled newspapers.
  • Frottage is a Surrealist art technique developed by Max Ernst in 1925.  Using a pencil, crayon, or other drawing medium, make a rubbing over a textured surface so that the image resembles the subject.  Leave as is or go back and alter it as you wish.  ie.  use black wax crayon to do the rubbing and then paint over it with watercolor.
  • A blue china marker can be used to draw with before watercolor is applied.  Take the china marker to draw back into the work again after it is dry.
  • Paint a mixture of one part glycerin and one part water over the surface of your paper. Drop in all your colors at once. This technique with soften the hues in your watercolor.
  • While watercolor is still wet, you can drop in white gouache for a cloud-like effect.
  • Experiment by using Japanese papers as “stencils” and roll paint through them with a brayer.
  • Flick masking fluid onto a painting surface, and when dry apply inks.  Once the inks dry, remove the masking fluid and discover lovely white speckled effects.
  • Cover a surface with acrylic modeling paste and sprinkle sand on it.  After the materials have dried paint over it with inks.  Watch the ink sink into the sand.

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