Baking with Snow

While at work writing this afternoon I’m surrounded by the beautiful voice of Sarah Brightman and the first song on her recording of A Winter Symphony called, Arrival’.

Christmas card snow is drifting across our windows.  There is  a collection of it on the metal railing outside that looks just like flaked coconut.  I think of baking with snow. In the outside corner of the diningroom window snow has clung to a spider’s web turning it into a ghosty negative snowflake.

There are surprisingly few dogs out today except for the two big black ones next door that let out an occasional bark against the flurry of icy flakes.  Cars slow down, people bundle up and the holiday season has arrived wearing white.

Not being a big fan of malls, and not a frequent shopper, I have stayed indoors today and kept my Buffalo china mug filled with dark organic ‘Rainforest’ coffee as I browsed about online.

Always an admirer of Karl L. and Chanel (when I read her biography I encountered many surprises and discovered her life story a true inspiration.)

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Christmas Windows for Printemps, Paris

Stills from Lagerfeld’s Chanel Silent Film

Oscar de la Renta for next week.  The black shift dress on the left fast-forwards sixties sophistication seamlessly.  Is that a Judith Leiber handbag the model is holding?

'Pre-Cocktail Party and Party'

Glamourous and exciting handbags!

Judith Leiber

Fancy Champagne – “…burnished gold reflections…with a powerful finish”!!

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2000 2000 750ML

Winter-White Tree.

'Tree Dressed for a Winter Symphony'

The afternoon has turned past dusk and I obviously have been day-dreaming over the Internet.  Time for a glass of champagne.

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