$ Dollars – The Aphrodisiac $

“Brand new car – not a drop of gas.”  Lyric taken from an old Blues recording.

Makes me think of how we spend and how we long for certain possessions. What lengths we’ll go to to get them.  How these steps will lead to our relationships with others in our lives.  And how our thinking is affected by things; things we buy or have or ‘need’.

There was a time in the late sixties and early seventies when an area of West Vancouver B.C. called the British Properties was being built.  New homes in a lovely treed and rocky splendor.  Many lots had long distance views to the Pacific ocean.  Views were spectacular and the owners had spent to the max on the newly built house, then ran out of money to furnish it.  The British Properties seemed, by onlookers, to be a very rich and affluent development.  Those of us who attended parties at these homes found walls embellished with flocked wallpapers and empty rooms.

This week a friend passed along a tissuey 16-page booklet to me; Maison & Objet Paris thumbnails a universe where over 3,000 international brands will unveil their new collections and concepts.  www.maison-objet.com

'Paris Capitale de la Creation'
'Griffes Maison' for the Home

Why don’t you visit the website and tune into the photographs and short videos for an unusual and sensual encounter.

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was riding in a french navy blue Porsche Carrera. I was sitting on a flat platform in place of the conventional car seat.  Small opulent gold satin cushions punctuated with tiny dark emblems surrounded me.  I moved forward to let ‘movie star guy’ thoughtfully arrange these cushions for my comfort as he sped through the dark navy night.

For me, the best part of dreaming is, being able to view it while the action is taking place. The other best is:  anything’s possible in the world of dreams.

May your dreams come true!

"Dollars - The Aphrodisiac"

Copyright © 2009 Nicole Rigets

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