Christmas Listless

I have completed my shopping list, as short as it was.  Definitely less than one-third of a block long.  The reason it’s so compact is that everyone is going out-of-town to other destinations for Christmas.

2009 has been loaded with zigs and zags, hidden triggers, loops and twists, culminating in a rocky ride to a year end leaving me in a current state of listlessness. Never at a loss for new avenues to drive my interests I came upon ‘14,000 things to be happy about’ on the top shelf of my bookcase.  Published in 1990, The Happy Book by Barbara Ann Kipfer, represented in her words, “20 years of recording all the little things that make me happy”. I have always treasured this book for its author’s word-pictures – “…purchasing a yard of lavender ribbon to tie up poems…red plaid lunch boxes…renting a winter house…dart boards…color film…getting lost on purpose when you were little…”

Written as one continuous list, I tend to lose myself in the act and art of memory recall. Kipfer can make me giggle and sniffle with nostalgia, and more.  To quote the author, “Words, and the images they create, can be a great source of pleasure and inspiration”.  It is with this in mind I remember to be grateful for all that I’ve had and have. Kipfer asks that we take our time to wish, reminisce, and dream, as we read through the pages.  I’ve followed her advice and never made any attempt to rush my way through to the end. In the soon-to-be 20 years that I have held a special place in my heart for this unforgettable book I confess I still have the final page to look forward to! Reviewed as “quirky, compulsive, and irresistible,” it includes 125 little illustrations.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Listless

  1. I love the fact that there’s a book like this out there. I’ve never even heard of this book.
    I like books where you don’t need to read them all at once. Just bits every now and then depending on your mood.

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