“What Would the Dirt Paint?”

Inspired by reading, “100 Things” on other blogs, I’ve come up with 25 and decided it’s not as easy as it looks:

  1. I paint my interiors white because white is considered to be the most psychologically balancing color in an environment.
  2. I don’t cook  –  I reheat!
  3. I still cherish old wooden clothespegs with their odd snapdragon spring in the middle, outdoor clotheslines, heavy wicker laundry baskets, and ironing boards built into formica kitchens.
  4. Sweet pea tendrils and lace – I just like the sound of these together.
  5. I’m thrilled by wood-burning fireplaces with firewood that cracks and spits black cinders onto the carpet.
  6. I enjoy giving gifts just for the fun of it.
  7. I am addicted to organic fruit.
  8. Heritage bank buildings with huge columns fascinate me.
  9. I sometimes read retro ‘Romance’ comic books sourced on eBay.
  10. I use fountain pens to write with and keep a collection of different colors of inks to support my moods.
  11. I’m attracted to boxes and never have enough to arrange everything in.
  12. I always keep a touch of faux leopard print displayed somewhere in our home.
  13. Vancouver’s historical Chinatown can keep me happy for hours and its ‘New Town’ Bakery is like stepping into a time capsule.
  14. I’d rather have a cupcake than a muffin.
  15. I still keep umbrella chains to use for hopscotch.
  16. I grew up with a pool table in our house and I play pool…well.
  17. Curiosity finds me walking down back lanes sometimes with my camera.
  18. A ‘miracle worker’ once asked me to answer the question, “What would the dirt paint?”
  19. I always resist taking down the Christmas cards and ornaments after the holidays.
  20. I’m glad the mail is still being hand-delivered through the slot in our door.
  21. I am prone to staying up late so I can listen to the wind howl when the weather’s stormy and the rain is beating on the windows…like it’s doing now.
  22. I’d rather meet for coffee than talk on the phone; and my cellular’s in mothballs.
  23. Remembering our soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and reflecting back to all those days that grains of sand were re-arranged on the beach by Bailey’s big soft black nose…and thinking too, of how the grains that stuck to her nose were brought home to archive in the cracks of the hardwood floor.  Bailey 1986-2000.
  24. I look forward every year to West Vancouver’s Community Day Parade held on the first Saturday in June.
  25. Last month I received a letter from a dear friend, and between the pages she had carefully placed red, green, and yellow dried leaves rescued after a wild storm on Vancouver Island.  As I held them closer to look at the beautiful shapes and colors I could smell the rain and wind in them.  I’ve tucked these into my journal so I can visit them daily.
  26. T-B-C

Copyright © 2009 Nicole Rigets

3 thoughts on ““What Would the Dirt Paint?”

  1. Oh my I fell into your blog by random selecting a comment on blogging 101. Yes I was looking for my 5th comment victim. Can you hear me chuckling? Do you believe in serendipity? It happened here when I tapped your comment. In your list I loved the letter with wind blown leaves. It struck a cord in my pnw heart (seattle). Plus your about page is so well penned. Your words were like a highway in the forest. So curvey and awesome every turn. Kudos. R

    1. I’m thrilled to be connecting with you. Thank you for such lovely remarks about my blog. I have been reading yours: BTW – I love Seattle, crows, and the pnw so much. I admired your photograph of a soggy crow for the look on the bird’s face (as if it was resigned to the rainfall) and the softness in the image. And I really relate to the shot showing the crows along the wires. I remember my daughter, as a little girl, pointing this out as we walked along and telling me they were in a meeting.

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