Kohls, Black Holes, and A-way With Walls

Pre-Christmas projects for those that crave a little disruption in their days.  Some of these I’ve tried and some I’m saving for later.  Not now!

Aged Mediterranean Walls

Rub a mixture of ochre, pink, and brick terra-cottas together.  Looks well with antique, country, and modern interiors.

Ballgown Bedskirt

Silk taffeta, lined on the back of the fabric, with cotton muslin.  A queen-size bed needs 12 yards of fabric.

Beauty Berry

Deciduous shrub that first produces pink flowers and then gorgeous clusters of lavender-purple berries in late Fall.  Smart looking set against a white wall and naturally appealing when planted in a wooded setting. Available at most garden centers and may grow to 6′ by 6′.  Visit link: Callicarpa_bodinieri This plant would make a unique and out of the ordinary Christmas or housewarming gift.

Black Hole

When a fireplace is not lit an ornate or interesting mirror can be leaned against the outside.  As an alternative, the inside could be filled with a large vase or container of flowers.

Speaking of Black:

I bought Kohl in Indiatown.  Using it more than liberally to ring my eyes, and in a dichotomy of hideous, ghoulish, haunting, mysterious, ‘Nevelson’, halloweenish and, depending on the light, feline, maskish, Bombay 60’s:  I looked different, older, younger, Egyptian, old movies Starish!…I was tempted to go to an art opening, but it was in my own neighborhood in West Vancouver and nothing could be more unsuitable, so I decided to ‘cool it’ and take a run at an alternative gallery like the “Grunt” and blend. Vamp-ire eyes.  Kohl is said to have powers to ward off evil.

Reds Get the Blues

Try a red/white candy stripe fabric with sky blue walls.

A red/pink combination is more effective when balanced with blue.

A-Way With Walls

Stucco Veneziano – a process that trowels a layer of wax on the wall to give it a look of luminosity.

Install rods at ceiling level and hang muslin or cotton all around a room to turn the walls soft.

Parchment paper, brown kraft paper, or Chinese ceremonial paper can be applied to walls using wallpaper paste.

Walls can also be decorated with plates, fans, empty picture frames, old signs, and whatever else your imagination desires.

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