Will My Life be Fatal?

Will my life be fatal?  I found this inquiry written boldly to stand out between subjects in my journal.  I had to notice it as I was combing the print for creative prompts.

It’s important to ask myself these questions. They are internal murmurs that invisibly rise to the page.  Questions that arrive hammering:  fixing their point firmly in place.

While I’m not thinking of an answer I decide to return to the ongoing list of “100 Things”. Here are 25 more things I notice and ‘love’ in my life:

  1. Dappled light on trunks of trees.
  2. The noise of a car accelerating with a hole in its muffler.
  3. Toasted crumpets.
  4. Fresh heavy cream.
  5. Bright daylight spilling into the kitchen, scattering patterns all over the breakfast dishes.
  6. All kinds, colors, and shapes of glass bottles and jars.
  7. Seeing children in the neighborhood playing and growing with the seasons.
  8. Squirrels and mud turtles.
  9. Puddles full of rainwater.
  10. Anything magenta.
  11. Breaks in “spells”.
  12. The sound of an airplane flying over the roof of the house on a peaceful summer afternoon.
  13. Layers of chipped paint.
  14. Pink ballet slippers.
  15. All shades of red hair and platinum blonde.
  16. Hot fudge poured generously over hard vanilla ice cream.
  17. Birds chirping “earnestly” to one another.
  18. The aroma that comes from grinding my own coffee beans in the Braun.
  19. Sometimes when the moon looks like a beautiful white ceramic woman…
  20. Carbon paper.
  21. Strong winds along the water lifting my  hair off my shoulders and rearranging it ‘any old way’.
  22. Lingering over a magazine rack.
  23. Weather so warm we turn off the heat and pile the old cast iron radiators high with books.
  24. Finding money in the pockets of clothing while sorting the washing.
  25. I think about what I would say if I wasn’t me.
  26. T-B-C.
Life as layers of "Chipped Paint"

Copyright © 2009 Nicole Rigets

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