Putting on Pretty a.k.a. “Beauty is your duty”

New York Post: “If Nostradamus were alive today, he’d have a hard time keeping up with Gerald Celente.”

GERALD CELENTE: The World’s #1 Trends Forecaster

With Gerald Celente’s predictions foremost in mind, putting on pretty would help to balance ugly indicators that we’ve overdone “IT” on just about everything.  Anxiety and the rush to get something, then get it over with for something new, or bigger, has perpetrated and domineered break-neck living for too long.  We’ve been sailing on a raft with rotting ropes and holding our breath with our eyes closed to see what will happen next.

This year we need to make one good expenditure, literally, and move-up to a rowboat. Black forecasts indicate we need to bring light in to our days by remaining calm in chaos and strong by rowing together.  We need a well-intuitioned plan to run in the black, and to even think of having fun in the black. Remember reading after the light was turned out: get out your imagination and put away your credit cards.

To keep up spirit and morale we need to make our home lovely to live in and come in to. We can begin by re-seeing, re-visiting, and re-working what we already have and may be overlooking or neglecting.

Dorothy Draper was one of the leaders professionalizing the interior design business in the thirties.  Outwardly Draper was never daunted by ups and downs in the scheme of things. Imagination being a priority, here is her way of using it.

(excerpt from:  ‘The Draper Touch’ by Carleton Varney)

War brides accompanying their military husbands were advised to travel with a trunk containing “necessities” to transform a dreary hotel room or temporary living quarters into a home-like atmosphere.

“Included in the “magic-trunk” were flowered chintz curtains, many yards of brilliant red corduroy to drape over the windows for a valance effect, matching bedcovers, and chintz slipcovers for the upholstered chairs.  Even the trunk was lined in gay chintz.  Then, out came a cocktail shaker, backgammon board, tea cloth and napkins, electric grill, blanket covers, appliances, a silver tea set, and four large prints of birds with green matting.”

I think “keeping your chin up” and “making the best of it” can sound redundant yet a sense of accomplishment can follow turning an opaque and displeasurable situation into a comfort zone.  Access a time in your mind where something you have known and loved existed.  Return it to your days…even if it can only exist in a photograph or a fond memory. Often we have objects containing special meanings tucked away and now is the time to embrace them and set them out to enjoy for awhile; possibly next to a simple flower arrangement.

2010 is a good year to hang a grouping of framed photographs displaying star moments with your family and friends. Intersperse these with copies of old photos of the members from your family tree. Remember that you are a survivor of all the strong relations and next-of-kin that lived before you and 2010 is all about surviving and keeping what you have and love.

Chin up!  Despite the Second World War, the circulation of ‘British Vogue’ was higher than ever.

And make the best of it !!  A slogan from the “Dubarry Cosmetics” company insisted: “Beauty is your duty.”

Architectural Association has a search window:  Type in “Dorothy Draper” to view books.

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