Ancient Laws of Karma Aid Decision-Making

“Did I ask to be here.  If I believe in Karma I must have sanctioned it.” N.R. Rigets

We are constantly engaged in various kinds of actions. Consequently this results in a steady stream of reactions following what we think, discuss, and do.

The beginning of January offers an opportune time to look within.  The whole world is wishing us Happy!! (New Year)

Another fresh new year…another year to live! To banish worries, doubts, and fear, and to love and laugh again!  Living beautifully and well contributes to the karmic harmony of the universe.

Yesterday  a conversation at a birthday party became an unexpected alarm bell to those caught napping when Karma and Reincarnation were brought into the picture. Isn’t it thought-provoking how little a lot of us know about these subjects regarding the world’s ancient spiritual heritage.

There has never been a keener time to explore karma than to begin where we are right now.  Mandala Wisdom Library has published an exciting and easily understood book written by award-winning author Jeffrey Armstrong titled, “Karma  –  The Ancient Science of Cause and Effect”.

Beautifully printed, including some illustrations, this 96-page book inculcates the long-secret laws of karma and translates them into modern examples as Armstrong explores the laws of nature, and the ways in which cause and effect control our lives.

This book is available from Jeffrey Armstrong’s Website at the link listed below.

Jeffrey Armstrong Home

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