How To Find Humor in Stress – ‘A DIY Project’

There’s a reason we say happy!! new year.  It’s to direct us to the word happy.

This is going to be my happy year; my delighted, pleased, gratified, tickled pink, starry-eyed, cheery, blithe, and (can you tell) optimistic! year.

Happiness is:

  • a .50 cent paperback book, because it won’t matter if it slips into the bathwater (it will dry), or even if food and drinks decorate its bargain-basement pages; we know it will find a new home after we close the back cover.
  • Walking yourself through Adobe at 1 a.m., more than once re-tracing your steps, and finally arriving at the first page of a Web-Book that you have been wanting to read for 4 years.  “Time Again” by Alexandra Stoddard is a wake-up call to live, love, and be free, while making the time of your life work toward your joy and fulfillment. Alexandra Stoddard has been one of my favorite authors for over twenty years and while reading this book I’m delighted to find she is just as wonderful now as ever.
  • A smidgeon of trivia:  POSH was originally filed as an abbreviation for: Port Out – Starboard Home.  Many years ago when rich Englishmen went to India by boat they paid for the privilege of having cabins on the side of the ship that was most in the shadow (in shade). This shortened notation (P.O.S.H.) later came to mean: wealthy and a bit arrogant.
  • Waking up to a clean kitchen.
  • Discovering your blog has loyal visitors protecting you from flatlining; and knowing how fortunate you are to have readers when there are millions of blogs surfacing daily and rallying for attention on the internet.
  • The musical clinking of a spoon when someone’s in the kitchen stirring milk and sugar into a cup of hot tea for you.
  • The divine delicacy of Italian Torrone Nougat packed with pistachios or hazelnuts. Better bought in pairs so others get to eat some too.
  • A long Italian cashmere scarf that you yourself knit every stitch into; not forgetting to confess it took a little help once or twice from the patient and friendly Knit and Stitch Shop in your neighborhood.
  • A cashier’s smile and an unexpected 10% off on the grocery bill when Whole Foods has a random “customer appreciation day” following Christmas.

Last November I came across many notations I had written in one of my Journals during 2003 having read an author by the name of Loretta LaRoche.  Recently I read LaRoche’s book titled, “Life is Short…Wear Your Party Pants”.  I believe it set me up with the right outlook for 2010, hence the pervading attention to happiness.

If you cannot spare time for reading, at least visit the short chapter where LaRoche gives an amazing account of Norman Cousins and how he reversed his chronic illness through humor.

LaRoche is an Acclaimed Speaker, Consultant, Author, and TV Personality specializing in enabling people to learn to see humor in some of the difficult parts of life. LaRoche stresses (my little injection of wit) that you can actually use stress as an opportunity for growth, resiliency, and humor.  Her various clients include IBM, New York Times, Microsoft, and NASA.  Be sure to visit her link listed below, so you too, (as she would say) can “Squeeze the Juice out of Every Day!”.


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