Fashion Collage that makes No Cents

Sometimes I like to lay out an imaginary wardrobe.

'When I feel capricious I want ruffles'
Ruffles Mirrored in Roses

Evening brings out black as necessity and accessory.

Tiffany Black

Sleepless and on the alert; hunting down the nonessential:  the treat!

"The Sophisticate"

Bare-shouldered for an "opening" at the Gallery
"Convert Clutch" - To be Worshipped and Rejoiced Over!

…and something for him!


Treat yourself; be frivolous or romantic, sleek and bare-shouldered.

I love these fashions and wouldn’t hesitate to wear them to

enhance occasions when I want to make, “Moments big as years!”

(in the words of Keats).

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

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