January 2002 010 – Coffee Like Stop bath

The coffee I made this morning nearly ripped my head off. I’ve had to add a generous amount of unwhipped 15% cream to it.  Now it’s much more pleasant; creamy and salty, without compromising the darkness of the espresso beans and their historical flavor. Not quite a trip to Rome, but a kitchen can be transformed by the mind.

Another morning manifests in the open, and I think about making every day count. These are tremendous years coming our way, technology has taught us so much; and it’s worthwhile to sift through all this and find the nuggets of pure gold that reside within ourselves.  A day can be a feeling, it can be visuals, work, interests, relaxation, social networking, inspiration, or change.

A day loses value when it becomes reduced to a list of things to do; an excuse to “get it over with”, an exchange of our life from the now to: “I’ll be happy when I am_______, when I get_______, when I’m finished with_______”.  Mortgaging the now for later won’t work to our advantage. These miscolored outlooks extinguish all sparks of joy in a day. Our time will have been lost and no amount of wishing will return it. These actions become habits and we arrive at a standstill on the horns of a dilemma:  and that translates to regret in later life!

It’s vital to pursue dreams that are dear to us, warm feelings, and actions that link to fun and surprises while we continue to grow and learn.

The above is an excerpt taken from:  My Journal – January 2002

I remember the times in the photography lab at art school when the coffee tasted like stop bath.  I remember all the mornings I jumped out of bed after four hours sleep and couldn’t wait to get going on all my projects.  This is the measure I like using to calibrate my life now.

An abundance of concepts, ideas, and plans allows us to build our lives in much the same way as architects and builders develop and create living structures. When we recall a time that we lived in accordance with our true nature we can zig a little and zag a little to make today  another “best day of our life”.

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