WANTED: Masochists: Half-Dead or Alive!

Wanted:  Masochists:  Half-Dead or Alive.

Read no further unless you are prepared to spend the rest of your days dating your computer.

I’ve become the victim of an online game.  A game with the demeanor of a sadist who readily demeans:  humiliates, mortifies, deflates, and disgraces the player.

Here’s a hint:  it’s a “jumbled scrabble”!  It’s Lexulous!  The ad reads: “You can play live against users…”  My version: “You can pray and prey live against users…”

I had set the controls to level 7 and before I could blink I had a rack of 8 letters with no vowels.  Recalling a positive thought to mind, of how nothing I learn ever goes to waste, I couldn’t find a way to even make a letter of the Jewish alphabet I’ve studied.

I passed on my opening play.  The computer rapidly spread out letters resulting in a very obscure word.  The sound of clapping accompanied this premeditated move.  Whenever anyone or anything! lays down a 7 or 8 letter word the applause is heard.

I’ve heard the sound of clapping directed at me a few times and like a cheap narcotic it’s kept me hooked.

But if the wins have gone to ‘its’ head it won’t be for long because I am still in control (sort of).  I am experimenting right now with crazy letter combinations to make words as yet unknown to me.

The author and poet, Charles Bukowski writes:  “Some people never go crazy; what truly horrible lives they must live.”

Yes!!  Nothing horrible here as I keep clicking and licking my wounds.  I’m no longer my self.  I’ve been electronically changed into a hybrid of blogging and bondage.  Would it be too obvious to add that:  I’m loving it!



I hear a final warning being issued from the kitchen where it looks like a bomb has exploded, and if it’s not cleaned up soon so someone can get something to eat someone’s going to be in for it…Oooh, goody!


Another day – another gamer.

FYI – The Dark Caffe on my Blogroll is working, and I have to exercise patience for it to load, and it’s so worth it.

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