Begin Where You Are to Get Where You’re Going!

Penny and I met at the MALL.  I have her to thank for introducing me to Oriah Mountain Dreamer.  This author’s name so intrigued me I went promptly to the Library and took out a book she’s written called, “What We Ache For”.  The title alone comforted me; just to think someone else has feelings like I do.

Now here’s the interesting part, and I’m going to use the author’s own words as she anchors her creative work primarily in beginnings:

“I begin with what is and I am surprised as I write to feel my way into a wholeness, finding connections that are created as I write, stumbling across insights that remind me of what matters and allow me to simply be with what is.”

How many of us find that when we are writing our blogs we are sifting, sorting, and creating from an inspired and unconscious place within.  We feel natural and inconspicuous; so much different than if we approach our writing with anticipation or expectation that may only dispose empty promises along long lines.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer asks us to exercise our inner observations about ourselves.  Take a sheet of paper or your journal and begin with:

When I write I see:

Entry From My Journal:

My feelings, moving through my mind and body, swimming, jostling each other, holding each other; pairing up, coming apart, struggling to find their order, to find an answer to where they belong.  I see my feelings as me.  I see me on the inside.  I see a channel to more revelation, more insight, more sensation, more breath, more imagination.

When I write I discover:

Entry From My Journal:

How much I know and don’t know.  How I can jump thought and string concepts together, how I can prophesize, travel in my own world, make-up something un-made, move story. How I can connect more deeply to nature, juxtapose ideas, pre-create.

When I write I feel:

When I write I ache for:

You’re on your own with these two, and by now I hope you feel warm and relaxed; ready to let the good stuff surface.

A gull cries out in the dark;  it’s 1:30 a.m., is he having bad dreams?  I often want to shriek out like the gulls circling above the sea at the foot of my bed.  Fi-yah fiyah fi-yah they holler as dawn breaks.  I do not know if I will be able to even find the stillness.  I trust in life as a blessing and for some of us it holds a gift of creativity:  our business is to honor the gift:  write, paint, knit, sculpt, wash windows, walk dogs.  Let go of ideal conditions for beginning.  You have to begin where you are.

Begin where you are.  BEGIN!!

Oriah Mountain Dreamer asks:  Why do you write or paint or compose or dance?

For me it’s partly to feel complete (if I may I’d like to souse in this oxymoron).  I like to feel as if I am in my natural state – a state of grace and being, aesthetic bliss.  To live the possibility, to sweat, to hear, to intuit, to connect to universal consciousness and sprinkle my energies in with all the others.

The creative process happens in the here and now.  There is no rule that you have to begin working with what will ultimately become the beginning of the piece – your first attempts may become unused bits or Chapter Fifteen.

Catching up on the next chapter in Penny’s life, her email reads:

“…so have unequivicably decided to start my own business again……..however will still have to work at some soul sucking pride swallowing low paying retail jail kinda job while i get the thing some legs…….if fate plays into it…”

I haven’t a doubt in the world that fate will safely deliver Penny to her desired destination.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

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