“Slouchloafer” – A Refined Couch Potato

I’ve spent the day dawdling.  Can be costly, but not so this time.  I’m listening to my inner voice and that’s worth a lot to me.  I’m learning things about myself by looking backward.

I cannot just “figure it all out” all at once.  Layers of consciousness choreograph our understanding in spite of our ego and impatience.  My impatience is vast and I find it hard to wait for anything.

Pieces of life’s puzzle do not dislodge through thinking.  Rather, these precious pieces disseminate through time and float upward and into my subconscious.  From there they are netted during reflection, meditation, yoga, listening, peacefulness, and most importantly; willingness.

Most of us have endured more responsibility than we needed to.  Not to worry; as worry builds destruction.  It’s my wish we go unconcerned.

I heard this word used in a critique during one of my classes at Art School and I longed to adopt it; so far I have only had visiting rights.

Dawdling on a page in my journal, I see I have written:  Vancouver looks so stone cold at times, it feels hard to live in.  The gray cast can be unrelenting, cheerless, and tiring.

On the other hand, being carefree can bring out the sun and render life more playful.  I invite you to suspend your disbelief and encounter my quirky scenario:

I see multi-colored plastic trees planted everywhere.  There are humongous pinwheel windmills turning on sticks like lollipops swirling.  I merrily summon up confetti rain and streamer icicles, miles of crepe paper roses, and glittering globes.  Oh Alice, I’m appropriating your Wonderland.

A rich sunset appears in my wonderland tonight.  The windows in the highrises hugging the tracks alongside the water turn a dark fierce red-orange with a pink hue across them.  The moon is big and shiny white above black trees and water.

Working in and out of journals and sketch books allows me to use all that is between the covers as inspiration for a myriad of projects.

When was the last time you dawdled long enough to become unconcerned?  I suggest taking yourself on a date to visit an art store and personally choosing a book to dawdle in.  Let yourself go!  I’ve coined a phrase for this exercise.  I call it “slouchloafing” and I like it!  A “slouchloafer” is my idea of a refined couch potato.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

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