RIP: The Mighty Fraser Fanned the Flame to Garner Fame

The Fraser River
Two World Wars
Gold Rush
Perpetrator of Floods & The Great Fire in New Westminster, B.C.

“New Westminster, on the mighty Fraser River, has survived gold rushes, loss of capital status, fire, flood, the Depression, and two world wars.” Gavin Hainsworth and Katherine Freund-Hainsworth combine their talents of historical research, activism, architectural photography and drawing, journalism, writing, and lecturing to bring us this award-winning book. To obtain a copy of, “A New Westminster Album” from the authors, email them at:

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2 thoughts on “RIP: The Mighty Fraser Fanned the Flame to Garner Fame

  1. Hi You Sweetie Pie,
    How are you today? The sun is out full force and I feel good today. Thank you for mentioning us and our book. Love it. I do love getting your page in my email. I wish I had the time to do a blog like you do. You really do put in a lot to them and they are certainly very interesting, thought provoking, visual,it take me away. Hey maybe I will just write to you the way I am doing right now? I can write when I have the time and not have a time obligation by doing my own blog? My life seems to have nothing smooth about my schedule, I work on a solid schedule, then a show gets set up or a writing project is complete, then I go through the “Distractivity stage” and wonder what I should be doing and am not into anything really. Maybe it is overload, maybe this is normal, maybe I should just go with it? It takes me a few days to get out of that, then I have time to do other things because I can get my mind into other things. I did an editing job for Chuck, our friend, and that I really enJoyed. But all of it ends. Maybe I miss the kind of work that is continuous as I have been doing a kind of Stop-start work schedule with the art and the writing for years now. But if I imagine doing one job for years, I will loose out on all the other work I want to do or want to eventually do. Hmmm. A big delema that stalls me for about a week after I finish a big work session, but then I realize how lucky I am to be able to work like this. (Well “do” can mean “get monitarily paid to do”, “work” a person’s job. I don’t get moniterily paid for my work. This is where I start and get stalled after I finish a job? Hmmm. Is this why I get frustrated and lost, and distracted? Hmmm. On the other hand, guess I should maybe look at it as “this is how I like to work” (not the “not paid part” though), and that if I had to do a regular job and getting that sense of the “long-continuous-schedule, I would hate it. But I still go back to not getting paid. Today, I will enJoy the sun outside and dwell on the fact that I have a great, but tough, work schedule life. Hmmm.On the other hand………
    Love Katherine
    PS. call me when you get home later today okay!!!

    1. My Dear Katherine,
      I love the tone of this letter and it exemplifies the life of a dedicated artist. You are such a source of inspiration to me and I’m always grateful for your love and kindness. “Insomnia is an artist” (N.R.Rigets).

      A quote from Sidonie Gabrielle Colette: “In it’s early stages, insomnia is almost an oasis in which those who have to think or suffer darkly take refuge.”

      How could you do other than to move through your authentic being. The life of an artist is wrought with isolation, moods, searches, risks, and sometimes torture. Yet, it is one of sublime awakenings, participation in the ‘universal’, documentation of our life and times, all culminating in bringing out work that demonstrates there is a magnificent source under the crust of reality that moves about in celestial forms, human unconditional love, mysteries of Mother Nature, and all that is yet to be discovered. We are well paid in ways that commerce can never equal. Touching others with our art is priceless. Love you…glad the sun is out today for us both.

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