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Last  Christmas one of my dearest friends and I met downtown and brought gifts for each other.  We arranged ourselves at a table in a large and fairly quiet cafeteria on the top floor of Vancouver’s heritage Bay building.  This is where we always begin our visit before we hit Holt Renfrew, Sephora, and Robson Street; finally squeezing into Artigiano across from the Vancouver Art Gallery.

When I removed the wrapping paper from my gift, I saw the cover of a ‘coffee table’ book titled, ‘In High Fashion’, Photography by Edward Steichen. What a thoughtful gift Jessie chose.  I adore it!  I handed her an Hermes bag (the color belongs to her) and added that a modest gift was inside…but I wanted her to own an Hermes bag (No! Not a handbag – are you daft!?) a customer shopping bag to specially place in her apartment.  Every woman should possess an Hermes bag or box, even if it’s empty, or merely contains a strip of embroidered ribbon.  This bag held a Clairfontaine journal from France with tangerine and magenta flowers on the cover.  She loved it!

Then I had her open the canonical kraft brown shopping bag with the leopard and black patent handbag she had been putting off buying and we both let out a whoop because she knew, and I knew, how much she wanted it.  When she opened it up to look inside she found I had tucked a few small gifts into the zippered compartments, just for fun, so they wouldn’t be empty when she peeked into them.

Hermes empty shopping bags and boxes are for sale on eBay.  They run about $15.  More about why we want these orange icons is revealed on the site below.

That Orange Box

The 'Orange Icon'

We’re surviving January wearing the old and the new year styles are swooping into the media all clamoring for us to notice them.  Last Friday I was browsing in the newsstand at Park Royal and while flipping through January’s British Vogue I saw a lot of whimsical, lacy and fancy fragments.  Think:  Wallis Simpson suffers nervous breakdown overseeing reconstruction of remnants in fashionable lingerie design studio.

Later that day I received a link from Scarlet Black introducing me to:  The penniless fashionistas.  They are Canadian designers creating with a focus on dynamic use of color, prints, and fabrics, while integrating intricate details that highlight the designs.  These can’t live withouts are online:

Next, a stop at The Coveted will make you just want to book the week off and drool all over the electronic pages offering up delicious and outrageous fashion manifestos.


Not quite ready to quit:  not until we’ve stopped in at Gala Darling and looked into 2010 Style Direction:  and “Psychedelic” Ladies Who Lunch:  the Icing on the Fashion Cake!

I dreamed I awoke in Paris in my Hermes scarf woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons.

Dreams Always Come True

Wikipedia:  The per-pound cost of a scarf today is approximately $1,965.00 USD (compared to a pound of steel at $0.19)

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