A Raven and a Writing Desk

Hand Painted Black & Gold Chinoiserie Writing Desk

Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk

A raven and a writing desk both have legs.

This makes it possible for them to stand or take a stand.

Taking a stand could imply the theft of an object.

If the object does not object it’s obviously more than willing to accompany you.

A company that is not willing could, in fact, be called co-operative and these we want to avoid, as a void is an empty space of little value.

Values are hard to come by, go by, or do good by.

Good-bye is uttered when people part, but then so does hair and water, and they don’t mix either.

To mix requires a bowl and spoon and bowling is near to impossible while spooning.

Spooning is a matter on which you “take a stand” and that is why you are like a raven and a writing desk.

Selected from the Collection of Nicole Rigets © All Rights Reserved

If you love photographs of birds, the capture of Ravens on this site tells a wordless story. Norman Rich, a Vancouver Photographer, describes these as “a wonder filled experience”.


Raven Silhouette

Copyright © 2o1o Nicole Rigets

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