“Cream Queens” are so Out of Date

New Shoots - Old Tree

West Vancouver enjoyed sunshine today. The weather is so much kinder than it was this time last January.  We had a brutal winter last year; I thought I’d never get warm again.

Legwarmers in triplicate , a knitted scarf, layers topped with a warm sweater and that was to wear inside!  The outdoors was a mess because the salt trucks and snow plows, the limited number we have, were not in operation much so the possibility of slipping and falling was high and fewer people walked in the amenities throughout all this. Strange and unexpected, as is the weather we’re getting now.  The Vancouver 2010 Olympics will be opening in February and I don’t see much snow on the mountains. Somewhere I overheard ‘they’ are storing snow and a newspaper headline mentioned using straw.  I sound vague about this but my mind is recalling our last Community Day Parade.  The theme was, “Everything Old is New Again.”

We were in the parade last year and while we were waiting for it to begin we stuidied a very old vintage car that idled at the front of our section.  In the 1800’s one of the companies that built wagons began to build “The Dort” automobile between 1915 and 1925.  We stood closer and I read a very small inscription in the hood ornament saying, “Buy a Dort, you will like it”.  In the backseat there were two young girls with a terrier dog.  The girls were posing with the dog for photographs and looked so wonderfully happy and young. The dog was well integrated into the smiles and hugs of these charming, carefree, and lovely children.

I think nine, ten, eleven are ages that set girls free and they like to pose for the camera, they feel dramatic and expressive.  It’s pre-make-up; it’s while your face is your own, it belongs solely to you and you can make any ‘faces’ you want.  Once Max, Mac, and Revlon are involved you’re type cast, buried and disguised, and imprisoned in a cosmetic culture that conceals your authenticity. Youth and spontaneity are lost in a dependency on looking like pictures of others.  Cream Queens, are so out of date.  A never ending obsession to do your face ensues.  Now you cannot be, you are in a never-ending doing, and trying to un-do. Pass the knife please.

All this is a direct blow to your confidence and your happiness.  I like make-up but I can’t forget the stranglehold it had on me for many years.  I like it used in a staging, theatrical sense. It’s when I thought it would solve life’s problems or somehow transform me into someone else that make-up failed me.  Using it to enhance my self or in playful, dramatic ways makes it pleasurable and more of an art-like experience.  I drift a bit further and am thinking of stretched canvas as a metaphor for face lifts.

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