Decorating Dash for Bathroom Decor – 10 Novel Ideas

I found a cache of decorating ideas I had written across index cards of variying colors over fifteen years ago.   They were safe and sound in a lemon yellow plastic recipe box that does not wear its lid.  The box is a circa 1950 find from a used store.  The color beckoned loudly and when I took a closer look I saw the original gold and black heavy foil strip was still stuck to the item from the time it left the manufacturing plant.  Lustro-Ware  (T.M. Reg.) ‘Elegante’ was underscored with the phrase, Guaranteed UNBREAKABLE for 1 year in home use.

So I can’t really hold them libel for the broken hinges that originally held the lid on top. Anchoring the right side of the tape is the “Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping” Seal of Approval with shiny little motto that reads:  Replacement or refund of money if not as advertised therein.  The stylized stars of the fifties are sprinkled in gold over the label and over the recipe box itself.  The designation: “Recipes” is embossed into the plastic with an essence of Warhol curling the beginnings and endings of the letters.  There are some fancy petals or leaves arranged around the print.  All is stamped in gold. The lid has lost its luster so I put it into storage and am satisfied with seeing just the bottom of the box on my shelves.

When I went to take the cards out I found eight glossy red sweater-type buttons with four holes on each and a 1″ x 2″ label saved from a piece of clothing.  The label is buff colored and the dark green print reads:  L.L. Bean inc. Freeport, Me.  Ah! Details…Do I need to say yes, I do save the clothing labels that resonate for me in the event that one day I will, yes I will, use these to make something extraordinary.  Like the million and one things I have around me they are all queueing up to be utilized in some artistic process of great importance.  “A fundamental joy of being an artist is letting a process take place that can only be understood in hindsight.” (quote:  N.R. Rigets).

Now for the Feature Attraction:

  • Find an old bust or stone gargoyle to mount on the bathroom wall.
Gargoyle Mounted
  • Remove the door of the medicine cabinet and attach a gilt-framed mirror instead.  As I write this I am thinking of just attaching a gilt frame and leaving the inside of the cabinet showing to display delicate baubles on the shelves.
  • An old fancy curtain no longer suitable in the livingroom can be shamelessly revived for use in the bathroom.  The search sites showed up dismal until I lucked onto these. What could be a better place to display them than in the bathroom…and if necessary as shower curtains!  I stand corrected:  shower draperies!
Rapunzel Draperies

100 percent silk fairy-tale draperies designed by Nicolette Brunklaus and priced at $1850.00.

  • Colorful bygone ashtrays can be used as soap dishes.  I visualize the rock-heavy, juicy-colored glass ashtrays with sweeping lines; the ten pounders.
  • An antique glove holder makes a perfect towel holder.  In my search for one I came across these handmolds from and I think they will hold hand towels beautifully; of course they will: they’re hands.  Kidding aside, there were very few glove holders and most were unattractive.  Scrolling through ebay may deliver results.
Trio of Handmolds to Hold Hand Towels
  • A small porcelain dish or an oblong tray can rest on the back of the toilet to display bottles of perfume.
  • A small chandelier can be introduced into the bathroom decor adding sparkle and ambiance.

    Black & Gold Chandelier

Cream Golden Chandelier
  • Attach a tassel to the light switch.  I’ve read this somewhere but I can’t think of how to follow through on it.  *Any ideas are welcome*.
  • Hang a vintage nightgown on a brass hook on the back of the bathroom door.
  • Silver trophies and baby cups make stylish statements in bathrooms and can be used to cluster or store small items.

I like to explore possibilities when I can relax and let my mind tunnel through any and all impressions that appear when I am moving objects around and altering my space.  I hope the suggestions alone have stimulated your imagination.  I’d be pleased to post any photographs, stories, or ideas that evolve from reading this.  I wish you wild decorating dreams.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

4 thoughts on “Decorating Dash for Bathroom Decor – 10 Novel Ideas

  1. Shower curtains that are made from acrylic and polyester are the most durable ones; that is why we always use them.

  2. Incredible ideas!! I love the idea of hanging a vintage nightgown on the door and using chandeliars in the bathroom. Feel free to visit my very very new blog, I actually started today and hope to improve it immensly Rhondajean Design, thanks again

    1. Thanks Rhonda… so pleased you visited my blog! I stopped by yours and found an excellent tip. You suggested printing wallpaper patterns from the computer on separate sheets of paper and placing them on the wall to make choosing the best design much easier. All my best, Nicole

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