All Black on a Hot Day in Summer

Starting Out on the Seawall

I walked along a Seawall that drew me onto its chunky granite boulders and bleached driftwood horse branches.

Frothing Waves

Waves filled my ears with their persistent back and forth scraping of the shoreline. Motions producing pattern of spray and foam, sticks, pebbles, and sandy formations wrought into new communications.  Visual messages with endless meanings and interpretations.  I walked along telling myself I could no longer worry and my two shoulders dropped half a foot.

Compulsive Mind Steps

By now I was fixated on the all-white footsteps of those in front of me.  I told myself I am crazy and obsessive and I believed it.  I tried to look normal and wear a pleasant expression but the wind pulled my hair across my face and I left it.  I had to make my way by seeing through thin openings of light between columns of hair in long white strands.

Thin Openings of Light

I felt I was in mourning; wearing all black in the middle of a hot day in summer.

Dark and Blue Sky on Walk Back

Once home and into the lobby I pressed the elevator button and read for the millionth time:  OK

2007 Elevator Button

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

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