Hot Showers Predicted for Writers

“Don’t give me a predictable life.  Don’t bore me! I don’t want to live atop a timer.  I like my crystal glass ball for gazing.  You can keep your computerized datebook…give me the wild and the woolly.” Quote: N.R.Rigets

Books and Bancha Tea during Blogging Break

One of the aspects of blogging I enjoy is the community feeling I get when I visit and communicate with other bloggers.  From scores and scillions of sites, I see and learn so much about myself and the times I live in.  In abstracted ways this valuable cache sends my mind whirling trying to engineer the possible from the impossible.  It becomes a project, one with many arms and legs.  I visited a site today called:

Tina Roth Eisenberg was part of the design team for the Visual Thesaurus.  I was curious to see the online thesaurus and once I accessed it, I entered the word, ‘gorgeous’.  I certainly wasn’t prepared for the bursts of words that sprung toward me.  I giggled feeling like a kid who had blown on a dandelion ghost and without warning been surrounded by seeds of  new life.

This writing tool expands the root word with a flourish and offers revitalized seeds of thought.  Think of it as a generator of ingenuity, adeptness, and knack; a foxy move to invention.

That said, I’m never far from the red ‘Rodale’ thesaurus I drive around in.  I can turn my wheels on a dime and speed through to the checkered flag.  Adhering to the advice of Natalie Goldberg in one of her books, I hurried to one of our few surviving independent bookstores and bought the last ‘Rodale’ at a discount due to a small crease on the bottom of the front cover.  As a rule it’s my nature to recoil from damaged book covers and wait for the store to order a perfect copy for me.  But this time I was in such a rush to reach the browns I didn’t care. In the car I read all forty+ words relating to brown just as Natalie had promised there would be.  With over one million synonyms between the soft covers I knew I scored!

In another form of writing I practiced, at a time when I was searching for my authentic voice, I delved into a book on Proprioceptive Writing.

It has been said that this method offers a unique writing approach that breaks through writer’s block, and that proprioceptive writing can help you write, think, feel, and live more fully.  The praise goes on: a wisdom practice, promoting clarity of thinking; a liberating and surprising journey, helping to focus awareness.

The Book I learned this from is called: ‘Writing the Mind Alive’ by authors:  Linda Trichter Metcalf  and Tobin Simon. Both hold PH.D.’s and since developing this practice twenty-five years ago they have been teaching it in workshops, schools, and college psychology and writing classes around the U.S.

Blogging gives us an outlet daily to practice our craft.  Lessons we adopt from the experiences of other writers are gifts to keep our hand moving across the page.  Words flowing in hot showers to cool writing anxiety is all one can hope for.

Resting my Favorite Pen

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