© Gravity Collage Wearable Sculpture/Jewelry

What happens between Gallery wall and ground?  © Gravity Collage!

Gravity Collage is a form of wearable sculpture I invented in 2006.  Style, design, and construction in most mediums requires a blueprint and a process of modification as the artist works.  I begin by choosing color, form, texture, line, and pattern.  Repetition helps me to unify my work while using a wide scope of mixed elements.

Paying close attention to spatial relationships I join the buttons to a readymade chain and assemble them just like a collage. I move them around, contemplate the way the colors and textures play off one another, and only when it feels right do I attach the clasp to test drive it and see how it really feels on.

Wearing it is like a writer’s editing process, I always have to add, subtract, move, adjust, or add something bizarre to give it the look and feel I intuit for the finished piece.  Found objects, gewgaws, dice, looking glasses, tin foil, paper, belt buckles, gadgets, and key rings have all been successfully adapted into random designs.

Every sculpture is given a name.  Here are some examples:

"The Galaxy"
"The Sophisticate"
"The L.A."

“The Art of the Bracelet” has been hot and these are in the collections of women that own more than one of my Gravity Collages. Those pictured above have been sold. “The Bronze” is currently available:

"The Bronze"

The Bracelet below was commissioned by a Fashion Consultant who had a collection of her Mother’s buttons sitting in a box in the closet.

"The Brandfourde Signature Bracelet"

The top of a Lanvin perfume bottle from the early 50’s was added, as were some very fashionable buttons Ms. Brandfourde had collected over time.

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