“A Quote of My Own”

“Change is not only in the wind, it has become the wind.” (N.R. Rigets-June 14th, 2006.)


Two Women sitting at an outdoor table having coffee at ‘Milieux’.  The outspoken one wears a red beret .  The listener wears a black cap dotted with rhinestones.

Red Beret: “I’m not a person who should worry.”

Black Cap:  Gazes out across the tracks to the water. “hmmm”

Red Beret: “I can only make a small contribution to change.  I can’t stop the world all by me alone.”

Black Cap:  Coughs “Hmmm hm”

Red Beret: “I want to scream: get back to farming, to neighborhoods, to bicycling, to clotheslines and common sense!”

Black Cap:  Empties her gaze into the space between them.

Red Beret: “Get back to exercise.  Diets don’t work.”

Black Cap:  Grabs the keys to the Benz. “Okay, lets go shopping and get some exercise!”

The End

Written by:  Nicole Rigets

© 2010 All Rights Reserved

Life is like a film – we produce and write our own life.  We hire and fire those in our lives. You are the creators of your own movie.

“Many steps make a dance.” (N.R. Rigets-June 28, 2006.)

"Time is the Seed"

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

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