“Peanut Butter Under my Fingernails” – Part 3 of: The Air of the ‘dismal in the day’

I couldn’t see it

But I could feel it,

The peanut butter under my fingernails of course.

I’m hungry – not for food, but to see what I can make, what I can say.  Driving the sun across the sky means you’re changing everyone’s lives including your own.

Here it came again:  the channels of memory opening gates of inner visions of wasting time.  Strolling through department stores, looking at rows of colored thread, hair combs and pins, sweaters, lipstick; then on to Safeway’s aisles of manufactured food, the smell of dirty refrigeration harbouring snow-encrusted bags of frozen dead mixed vegetables. Stores and stores of stale thoughts and sales jingles rummaging across the inner mind’s warehouses of waste.  More time should be spent on addressing the pollution in peoples’ minds and less on recycling strategies.

Late day sun shone from a south west destination.  It acted as a painter’s brush setting down highlights along the roofs and borderlines in selected parts of the park and the city. The air felt gentle and salty, refreshed by the 48 hour snows and winds. It made you want to trust it, walk in it, and breathe in all of it.

People aren’t sprinting forward eagerly to meet their goals, they’re rushing away to escape their fears.

It, everything is it, not to be understood, not to be described:  just it-it is.

Bringing the private into the public alla Nin and Lessing.  Journalling transforming into books.  I can’t do that. “You can’t until you do.”(Lonesome Jim – the film).

I’m an encourager always giving to others.  I promote them and the seeds of desire they shyly admit to.  Women who are dying to create, write, paint, let their hair go white, and break out of the fixed thinking they have adopted will find inspiration and direction in this book of Yu-can, yes you can!

When you don’t take time you cheat yourself and others.

We live in La-la land.  The call for, “How do you get your news.”  And the book with the sobering realization that our minutes are dwindling.  I must write this book.  So I went online to shop but I have a hard time/struggle buying from places outside my own back yard when there are so many sincere and friendly small store owners. Walmart: Top Rot!

Reds and purples and …bronze yellow…



Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

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