Leave the Store Bleeding

Listening to jazz and a woman’s clear voice belting out, “Breakin’ rocks on the chain gang…I still have so far to go…I’m goin’ a break this chain off and run…”

Running Dialogue with My Journal, August 31st, 2008.

Food is becoming a political volleyball. Organics are rising in popularity by 16% – 20% every year.  The “system,” dependent on sprays and chemicals, is fearing a systematic loss of revenue.

Articles “slamming” organics as “unethical” and “privileged” are leaking into the media. Now the detractors are using an argument based on organic and sustainable farming taking up 20% – 45% too much land.  Land that could produce higher yields with engineered foods.

A quarter of a century of eating organically and our family is fit and fine and doctor-free.

Is it possible we don’t have to super-size our crops if we can teach the mainstream not to overeat; obesity is one of our main problems: a direct link to chronic illness.

Maybe there would be more space to farm if:

  • farmland wasn’t being sold to high density development
  • yards were still part of our homes and we could have gardens and fruit trees
  • if beef wasn’t consumed

When we eat organically we consume small portions because the color, taste and texture of organically produced foods is so rich and satisfying.  We stay healthy and slimmer.  We stop draining the dollars out of the national budget for medical treatment.

Nature is natural; science is costly.

I break for Yoga Class where our teacher, Corrie, reads a passage on compassion and it confirms that you even have to have some for yourself.

I would feel so liberated if I could drop my concerns over every environmental and political prod.  The papers are so full of man-made problems it’s disgusting – see, there I go again: my head filled up.  We live in Utopia (there’s no visible guns). We have everything to be thankful for yet nothing is ever enough.

“Breakin’ rocks on a chain gang…I’m goin’ a break this chain off and run…”

"Single Serving of Appetizer = NO (not organic)"

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