Checklist: Get Blog Done Before 3:00 A.M.!!!

Get dishes done before 3 days.  It was inevitable, a fully booked week leads to “Mount Dish.”  Did you know yoghurt left out even just overnight bonds or becomes part of the surface of the bowl it’s been eaten out of. I know now that I can use it for grout.  The bowls were not washed and I asked Rand if he would like his yoghurt on a dinner plate just this once.  It only takes once to set a precedent so I heard a polite refusal.  Darn!

Have you noticed when a cup is only rinsed after tea and used repeatedly over a number of days you can count the rings inside like the growth rings in a tree trunk.  3 rings = 3 days. Gently used means:  something was served today and later the bowl was whisked over with an organic paper towel (“There, that should be alright!”) and the next dish was served in the refreshed bowl.  Out of clean knives?  Not to worry, just use the handle of a large spoon or fork and the butter doesn’t know the difference.  Trust me. These little secrets are taken from my collection of short-cuts; fast lanes to by-pass a full sinkboard and go directly to the new post, to interview, or photograph a subject, or sneak in a solitary game of Lexulous.  Could it be possible, I wonder, that the dishes are behind because I have 3 games going with partners online…Nah!

The prompt to write:  All Feelings Must Be Put into Action! That’s why I keep Jack Daniels and chocolate covered marshmallow domes at my elbow.  They help me push in the opposite direction to see how far and where I can go.

Successful writers write every day.  Write every day even when you don’t want to! Chocolate Blogs are stellar for this purpose.

Writing can be a collage…small pieces arranged beautifully. Back to the blog where small daily posts become large volumes that speak in a rich tome.  I recently found a good idea: a collection of poems, when burned to a CD, become a “disk-book” instead of a “chap book”.

If it helps, summarize what you’re doing in one descriptive sentence.

Observe what’s going on around you – eavesdrop.  A swell practice for collecting dialogue to mine later.

Think about who your audience is and be specific.

There are turning points in writing and living.  There comes a time, often a death or a discovery, when you hear yourself say: “This is what I really want and now I’m going to get it.” Here is the way to grasp the writing life in the form of a writing tiger:  let your audience hear you purr and growl.

"Tiger Juice"
"...and you thought it was full!"

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

4 thoughts on “Checklist: Get Blog Done Before 3:00 A.M.!!!

  1. My suggestion, being a ‘busy girl always with a million things to have to do’ is rinse the yogurt before the bowl becomes ‘cement’ bowl. works wonders!
    I like the Jack pic! See you on Lexulous…here I come.

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