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VCAD – Jannette Maedel:

Dropping by to thank you and your students for inviting me to visit the class last Wednesday.  This was a superb opportunity for me to speak about art and how far it ranges; even so far as to include fashion writing.

When a beam of light passes through a prism it decomposes, and this action produces a spectrum.  We can use the word spectrum to imply a broad range of categories applied to a single title:  Art.

One broad category is fashion.  Fashion design and fashion writing go hand in hand and very distinctly relate to art.  Writers and visual/media artists are expected to create a feeling or a sensation in their readers and in their viewers.  All forms of art are expressive and meant to evoke a reaction or a response; whether it be positive or negative.

When the students looked at “Gravity Collage” wearable sculpture (jewelry), they openly expressed verbal feelings to be later transcribed into fashion writing. Under the heading of art it is now possible to link or conjoin two categories:  fashion writing and jewelry.  I’ve always believed in a mosaic approach to life and art:  when being creative draw from all subjects and cross-pollinate your work using diverse elements. Interconnections add drama and I sense that a fashion writer needs to adopt drama as his or her best friend.

The atmosphere was keen and inspiring as the students asked all the right questions. Some of my answers were a real surprise to me!  Thank you all for providing me with a fresh new spectrum to take home.  Nicole Rigets, BFA

I’m an Author on another Blog:

This Blog is where you will be able to read a sampling of fashion writing that students are producing in Jannette Maedel’s class at the Vancouver College of Art and Design in Downtown Vancouver, B.C.

Samples include writing about the following designers:

Alexander McQueen (RIP)

Jessica Biffi (Plus Sizes)

Talula – Aritzia’s Best

Drew William (Opposing Forces in Pattern Cutting)

Eco Elroy (Fashionable Organic Streetwear)

Evan Biddell ( Saskatoon’s Fashion Sensation)

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