Introducing Colorjet and Zimbio

All eighteen of me managed to produce 100 posts since mid-November 2009.  Yesterday I hit that 100 Target.  Hence the Tweet:

Production Check-up: The three-toed sloth sleeps or rests on average 20 hours a day. Count my toes…I’m no sleeper!

I’ve heard that if you work hard at your blog, it will begin to bloom after three months and it is!!!!!!!!  Thanks goes to my fabulous Viewers!

I have joined Zimbio and installed a Badge at the bottom of my Home Page in the left-hand column. “What is Zimbio,” you ask?

Zimbio is an Interactive Magazine with over Twenty (20) Million Readers A Month.

My Public Profile contains Articles (My Published Blogs), Wikizines (Articles I can Recommend or Write in Future), Polls (Vote for the Pigeon you prefer:  Sid or Midge), and Kudos (Please Leave  Me a Kudo up at the top left under my Username:  Colorjet).

Just above Colorjet the magazine lists Pictures (Stars and Entertainers), Lookbooks, TV, Music, Games, Oscars and More; more being categories galore.

There’s a reason Zimbio won a Prestigious Award as announced in the link below:

I just have to make a few comments on the dresses worn to the Oscars last night.

Thumbs Up for Oscar de la Renta on Cameron Diaz

"A Perfectly Gorgeous Fit"
"Sequins & Silver"

Demi Moore exudes “It”

"Every Line Reflects Intent"

Thumbs Down for Victoria Beckham’s Own Design


This design does not properly fit even a perfect figure.  Poorly draped and what I call a “bunchbag” around the stomach.  Can you imagine the vision you’ll create wearing this dress if you are over 98 pounds.

Jennifer Lopez in Quilted Pink Cellulite

"A Six Foot Train"

The hairdresser and stylist made a very pretty Lopez turn out looking…like she shouldn’t have looked.  Tell me what you think!

Check out all the Stars, Celebrities, and ‘Moi’ at Zimbio!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Colorjet and Zimbio

  1. The Good, the Bad, and the the downright Terrible

    Cameron and Demi get a big heads up… Cameron is great, Demi is
    Good… the Bad… Jennifer Lopez (what was she thinking)
    and Victoria Beckham what trash. I have more beautiful, elegant
    gowns hanging in my closet and I don’t walk the red carpet.

    And please… with all the money Lopez and Beckham have… were
    all the hairdressers on vacation.

    I would love to have the opportunity to dress these people.

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