Faux Cab


I really like this shot!!  For some hidden psychological reason I identify with it.

“What,” you say, “That coat’s not even mink.”

“Nevermind!  It will go with my cardboard grips, my Polish-Ukrainian roots, and a babushka.”

“Impossible to bicycle to Grandma’s for cabbage rolls in those shoes.”

“I need a dog.”

“What kind?”

“A big dog with a rough coat, and high heels to match mine.”

“I wonder who specializes in Mother and Dogter Fur Coats.”

I check the New York Times Fashion & Style: “Fur Takes Centre Stage Again”


No mention of mother/dogter fur coats. Hmmmmm…however:

Fake fur is being celebrated.  Some designers are exploring the aesthetic and textural effects of artificial fur by working with a lot of furs mainly used for Steiff teddy bears.  This can result in attractive and rustic appearances to the furs.

"My God! We're being hunted now for our coats!!"

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