“Moon Psychle”

"Moon Bright Reflected by Waves Light"

Excerpt from my Journal:  May 22nd, 2008.

In bed, getting to sleep last night and I have a pad attack:

I write in the dark, moon bright reflected by waves light:

I’m going into a trance,

a middle of the night dance.

The wind braiding the air,

zig zagging it


my bare skin

Ruffling my hair

and tousling the covers.

The water balooshing




Oh my Gosh!  slosh!

Soaking the seawalkers

with little remorse.

Yes, I know she’s dead but let me phone

her old number and see if she answers.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

6 thoughts on ““Moon Psychle”

    1. Hi kseverny,
      Thanks for your great response. The moon is an elusive object; my timing was fortunate.
      I re-visited your blog and had a chance to watch the “Welcome” video; love your humor.

  1. You may think there is no answer on your phone
    That line is still there and you will never be alone
    Every wave that laps your shore talks to you Nicole
    Tender is the moon shadow that baths your soul

    1. Dear Lordy,
      I have read these words you sent me over more than once and today they were recalled as I let them walk me home along the Seawalk.
      Every wave that rolled in etched notes into the sand and sang along the rocks.
      Breaking down the hard rocks in life rewards us with sands blowing in from destinations afar.

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