Imprinted/Impermanent Boneyard

Evanescent, Fleeting, Mortal, Perishable, Corruptible, Changeable, Unstable: Impermanent

“The magic of photography is the photographer’s ability to squeeze an instant out of time and allow it to speak in its own tome; a decaying and wrenching lament.  A measure of time by the smooth to the lined, the upright to the fallen, the here and now to the end.”  (N.R. Rigets)

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

6 thoughts on “Imprinted/Impermanent Boneyard

  1. What is also interesting is that with a click of the button there is not just the photograph, but somehow there is transference of that moment onto film, as if it got yanked out of reality; the strange position of the photographer is however that in a way the moment he captures he did not experience directly since he was talking a picture of it.

    1. Thanks for this insight Steven! Having my POV through the viewfinder so often can trigger having to make trade-offs at times.
      I’m also frequently surprised by elements showing up in photographs that were not visible to the eye until the light captured the image on film or in pixels.

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