“If I Die”- because I don’t intend to!

"I don't intend to die," spills from a Lily

If I die,

Look for me as a bright red berry

on a deep green tree.

If I die

Search for me along the shore

among the rocks.

If I die

Think a pure thought and

find me there.

If I Die

Take a deep breath and

find me in your heart.

If I die

don’t look for me at the gym,

the bookshop, or the mall.

I will be that single, shining

ray of sun,

When the rain stops,

I will be the magenta

in the rainbow.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

7 thoughts on ““If I Die”- because I don’t intend to!

  1. I’m in love with this Nic!! “I will be the magenta in the rainbow” love the ending so much, a real beauty & perfect photo too…you have lots to send me to squeeze Miss!! 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you like this. Secretly, I do favor this one. It will be fun streaming things over to you.

      I have a B-I-G day tomorrow – 3 appointments. Thursday yoga and Friday a ton of laundry. But I’ll send you something in between anyway. That was a lovely comment you sent re: feeling a silent power and inner life from the photo. Thanks Lisa; that meant a lot to me and ‘Scarlet Black’.

      Love from, Nicole xoxo

  2. No rush! I understand the pile-up! I had a cleaning woman come in for my birthday, I did some letting go & organizing…in which great shifts have already happened…I was reunited with my mother’s necklace, that was my great grandmother’s I had misplaced, that my mom had given me, she’d worn it for 30 yrs!! The remorse I had been carrying around before I found it was wicked!
    My mom would have never forgiven me, I haven’t taken it off since! Also I removed a leopard cushion from a storage chest in the bathroom & rediscovered it was adorned with a bowl of pears & a bowl of green apples on the sides! Hidden Fruit!! Newly organized (not finished but a good start) shifts in energy & relationships immediate!! xoxo You & Scarlet are a good team, you bring out the best artist in each other!

    1. What a wonderful experience you describe here Lisa. You’ve given insight into dramatic changes we can make leading to the recovery of misplaced treasures, regaining balance and harmony, and acquiring fresh inspiration.
      I applaud your strong will and determination to make a new birthday year the best!!
      You’re right about Scarlet and I… and I’d like to add that you and I do much the same Musing together. Thanks my L.A. ‘Sis’!!

    1. Thanks Kalliope… I looked on the Internet and found the poem you’ve mentioned. It does share elements with mine. I loved reading it and finding another who will not die… Eternal Living is Now!.

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