Adrian “Woo” Wu!!

I am Scarlet Black’s Muse.  All of last week Scarlet Black waved her press pass attending Fashion Week in Vancouver with zeal and determination to bring the latest to her blog. Fashion writing drives up our desires and makes us want to live in the world we see in print. When my subscription to Scarlet Black’s blog arrived on the threshold of my Mac there was no time to cross it:  I fell in love with Wu and was swiftly carried away.

Outstanding and Individual; Wu’s work is the most exciting since I fanned Yves St. Laurent ‘s magic years ago.

Adrian Wu's Black/White Gown

Magnificent!  And who but Wu would add notes to the symphony of his designs by deliberately placing heavy black-framed eyeglasses on his delicate models !!!

Adrian Wu's Fabric Sculpture

I’m just as impressed with this teenager’s outlook toward his fashion, family, life and education as I am by his unstoppable creativity!  I have always been flawless at spotting new trends and artists.  I scored again with Wu:  so many viewers are trying to access his website I cannot get on it today. High regard for women and the history of fashion comes naturally to Wu.

Beautiful Back View - Sweet Toffee Gown

Wu:  “I never design my dresses; I just take the fabric that I have and try to make it beautiful.”


Adrian Wu and Model

Wu is self-taught and plans to further his study of fashion design in England this fall… he has been accepted into the “Instituto Marangoni” in London.

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