“Teddy Thoughts”

No. 4 from: “The Darkroom Series”

“Teddy Thoughts”

Land mines, tears,

Too late to

crystalize the


Teddy Bears

Summer  breezes,

novels, hearts,

and flowers.

Slow nights,

the sound of trains,

level plans

and money too late

to play.  The stars

stay up at night.

Fireworks breaks


silent thinking.


sighs & out cast

words hover in

the night.

“Teddy staying up at night”

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

4 thoughts on ““Teddy Thoughts”

    1. Thanks, Henry, for your visit and kind words. At 98 years old Teddy is still alert and resides with one of my acquaintances who rescued him from a refuse container years ago.

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