Transfusions of Mind

No . 2 from: “The Darkroom Series”

Far Away We Weep

A Scarlet Line

led to the mine.

Lives were lost

before their time.

Where did they


before the fall,

What was their


if any.

Too dark

too bleak

a cry beyond

the cave.

A mouth


A light shone

far away.

Till then we weep.

Too soon to

go away




"Far Away We Weep"

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

4 thoughts on “Transfusions of Mind

  1. Wow, it starts with a great title and once again you prove beyond doubt of a shadow how brevity works better sometimes than a full page sonnet. Love it. Profound and prescient.

    1. Henry, you are definitely engaged with your vibes and great insight. This message could not have been timed better. Your words now reside in the realm of change and determination I’m making.

  2. Nice!
    And I like the structure, I often compose my poetry like this as well, short and fast transformations.
    Like the idea in here, strange place between ebb and flood where entities are gained as easily as they are lost.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful review of my work Steven… coming from you it means a lot to me. Personal responses like this give me energy and motivation. xo

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