Worn Down to Letters

No. 3 from: “The Darkroom Series”

Star Worn

She fell

and read

from the leaves

of her heart

a page

worn down to


No further help’s

been sent

to fill

the void.

She road the


to the


It soon took

the form

of a statue

so pure,

so sad,

so strong.

Tango to



“She Eyes”

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

2 thoughts on “Worn Down to Letters

  1. A sweet self portrait even if the self is another.

    Your melodies are always soulful and the tango is my favorite so as Leonard Cohen would say, “dance me, to the end of love.”

    1. Henry, I love the way you find the silk-threads in my tangles (tangos). Cohen’s “Dance me to the end of love” is the ultimate… if it’s possible to wear down the memory on a CD like the grooves on a record then I’m due for a new copy. xo

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