Coffee Alert…. Alert… Alert…

June 10th, 1999.

3:55 p.m.

I followed the path through the backyard to the solarium, and before unlocking the door I spotted a white mug with a spoon in it sitting beside a crumpled paper towel.  I now knew that Max had been home and found this to be a welcoming sight.  Good, I thought, he made himself some coffee and it looked as though he finally found a little time to sit down and relax in the “glass garden.”

I picked up the mug and the first thing I noticed was how DARK the remainder of the coffee was and how straight the spoon was standing.  Hmmm… I guess he wanted a strong cup of coffee.  By the look of the dark oily substance inside the mug this was as close to liquid coffee bean as I had seen.

Having set the mug down on the kitchen counter, I opened the top of the coffee maker to throw away the Melitta filter.  One, to one and a half inches, of ground coffee poured into the bottom of the cone filter and combined with 4 cups of water is the capacity of our coffee maker.  Upon swinging open the top I was greeted by a filter filled almost to the brim with ground coffee at least six inches deep – enough for about eighteen cups of coffee.  No wonder there was still some inside his cup.  He has always told me I make the best coffee!  Should I or shouldn’t I tell him my little secret:  it doesn’t take a cup of coffee to make a “cup of coffee.”

“More than a cup… “

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