“Chow-Chow Woozy”

"Collective Individualism"

My approach to interior living is to treat each area as studio space.  Over a period of thirty years I have seen, heard, read, invented, collected, curated and saved hundreds of Design Ideas.

I regularly toss around these flights of fancy.  They add zing and expressive meaning to my LifeSTyle and environment.  Time spent patterning new designs refreshes my surroundings and charges my inner life.

I’m creating “Chow-Chow Woozy” to post a sampling, from my museum of ideas, and offer my Readers ‘a new way of seeing’.


  • Setting everyday objects under glass (a bell jar) can render them with a curious importance.  ie.  A stack of Men’s Shirt Collars, or A Pile of Tiny Colorful Books.
  • Empty Wooden Spools, from thread, become revitalized by winding lovely Ribbons around them and newly displaying them.
  • A Teak Coffee Table can be painted white; advancing it from Mid-Century Modern to Minimalism.
  • A Polished Concrete Floor, with Glass Tile Inserts, emulates a “Mondrian” Painting.
  • Glossy Design Magazines can be stacked and tied with thick black Straps, or Heavy Rope, to make Occasional Tables.  NY Times Newspapers will work well too.
  • When a Kitchen does not have a window above the sink, glass shelves can stretch across the wall above it, to give an atmosphere of light and reflection.
  • White floors & Black Doors.

A Heavy Old Dresser, purchased from a Thrift Store, can be raised up on legs to make it suitable as a Kitchen Island.  Often I love to see a big Wooden Work Table, instead of an Island, placed in the centre of a busy Kitchen.  A table becomes an offering of space ready for: baking, doing homework, potting plants, arranging flowers, preparing a meal, making a watercolor, wrapping gifts… all possible.


  • Newspaper giftwrap wound up with red & gold plaid ribbon.
  • Gold Foil crumpled around plant pots.
  • Silver Star Confetti.

Scatter Rose Petals between two layers of Tulle and tie with a Floral patterned Ribbon.  Use this as an alternative to disposable paper giftwrap.

  • Two to three foot Topiary Trees, decorated with twinkling lights and delicate thin ribbon, look festive in all settings.
  • Old Sheets of Music (from a library) add a vintage touch when framed in Gilt.
  • Broken pieces of China can be displayed under glass in Frames.

Fragment from my Journal:

A transparent and light-filled glass room as a background… to the heaviest, most Baroque door frames, anchoring a delicate pink marble floor… sigh…

I love the feeling of being open to experimenting with LifeSTyle, by mixing simple (DIY) Do-It-Yourself projects, with more amplified Interior Designs.

©2015 Nicole Rigets




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    1. Hi Janice… Begin with a New Post. Look below the Title to the left margin where you’ll see: Add Media. Right beside this is: Add Poll. A new screen comes up for you to fill in with your preferences. Once you complete the choices on the pop-up screen you are left with just a very short line of letters and symbols in the body of your new post. Now Save Draft and Preview your Post (before you hit the publish button) and your poll will show up on the Preview fully designed. 🙂

      1. I would say, yes, because I only needed basic info. I panicked when that short line of letters was all that I saw in my Draft… and then relaxed when I realized the poll looked okay when it was Previewed and worked fine when it was Published.

    1. After I awoke from a Dream that contained: a Metal Stick, a Wooden Horse, a Pile of Dirt, Faux Rocks, Steep Indoor Stairs & an Afghan Hound. I drove to S’wich for an Americano and began writing ‘Morning Pages’. Feeling artistic/creative and wondering what other words could be used in place of these. Flair?… Peacockery, Inspired, Pop Sugar&PixieGold, then Chow Chow Creative arrived!… and quickly became Chow-Chow Woozy heavily circled in pink in my Journal. I turned down ZipZone (even though I love Z’s) noting I had written: “Unzip your unconscious and play”. Maybe I should have had a Poll asking which Title would be better. Thinking about the Dream Symbols of Wooden Horse and Woody Stairs… Woozy and Woody are one letter apart… often dreams provide ideas but sometimes they make spelling errors. 🙂

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