Men no Longer Rule through the Cut of their Coat

The modern-day suit has evolved from the relaxed ease of the sporting outfit; an outfit made up of a dark jacket and cream or beige breeches. It wasn’t until the 1860’s that European tailors began sewing jackets and trousers in matching material.


The nature of fashion has changed over time… ostentation no longer serves us. It’s currently in a man’s power to do as he pleases.  Sobriety (abstaining from excess) and comfort are the cornerstones of modern dressing.
The formality of a suit functions unmistakably when a man wants to be heard or understood.

don draper


On occasions when a man wants to add a dimension of expression to the way he dresses, a sports jacket is a good-looking choice to coordinate an outfit and let it speak for him: “I’m relaxed, I don’t have to be formal today.”


Most often sports jackets are textured and sometimes patterned. There are all types of artistic variants now available in the fabric and design, making these jackets appear stylish, but not ‘stuffy’.

©2015 Nicole Rigets