Fire Your Preachers, Silenced by the Explosive, The Lie That is Now + Forever, Amen, River Body + Capilano River, Temples + Preacher, Run Outdoors, Listen to the River Speak, Trees Flock Together, Stretch Their Arms, Thousand Meditations, Twenty Minutes by River Bed, Rocks are Instruments, You Play Notes, Transcend, My Mortal Frame, Poetry, Photography, Color, Collage

Rose Colored + White Insanity, Michael Snow, Wavelength, Sine-Wave, Filmmaking, Fiona Bowie, Colors, Emily Carr University, Art + Film, Prophecy + Memory, Piercing, Electronic Sound, Pitch + Volume, Wrote + Fought Myself, Uncanniness, Loud Traffic, Strawberry Fields, Flash + Lightning, Long Note + Vibration, Pink Cellophane Windows, Zooming, Noise Stop, Grainy Film, Ghost Image, Nervous + Mental Breakdown, Turn Up the Pitch Bitch, Searing Eyeballs + Scraping Nerves, Skull Scream + Rippley Waves, Siren + Curb

Lamped in Animal Forms, Abigail Ahern, ‘A Girl’s Guide to Decorating’, Diverse, Rich, Mighty, Personal Choice of Furnishings, Stacks of Books, Plinths, Pairs + Balance, Moods, Glamorous, Formal, Lighting Design, Mingle Light, Yellow, Seasons + Settings, Concealing, Screen, Free-Standing Bookcase, Grouping of Large Plants, Partitions, Different Rugs to Separate Zones, Push Button Catches, Glass Test Tubes + Spices, Elongate Kitchen Cupboard Doors, Warhol Colors, Sophistication, Paint Chips + Assemblages, Jazzy Covers, Coffe + Chocolate Almond Biscotti